Become a Part Of TEAMUP! Basketball

Take the chance to become part of the big and friendly TeamUp! basketball teams. This is an excellent opportunity to join a large group of like-minded people, develop your sports skills, learn how to be part of the team, and feel the contribution to the common cause. You also can improve social skills that will help strengthen your self-esteem and, at the same time, learn to respect the interests of others.

We are sure that basketball for youth is an excellent opportunity for comprehensive development. We combine sports with social learning. We strive to develop a healthy competitive spirit and, at the same time, develop communication and teamwork skills.

Contact us and register for the TeamUp! basketball competition. You can choose the options for the 3 vs 3, and 5 vs 5 to participate in a youth competition or become part of the TeamUp! basketball league for adults.


TEAMUP! YOUTH Basketball League

TeamUP Youth Basketball League is striving to be Central Florida’s premier Youth Basketball League for all athletes (ages 8-12) to improve their skills on and off the court. TeamUP offers various levels of training that are catered to each child’s skill set…

Adult Basketball League

Adult Basketball League TeamUP! Professional adult street ball has found its new home in TeamUP 3s: 3x3 Adult Basketball and 5x5 Adult Basketball Tournaments with Certified Referees, Announcer & DJ, and Live Entertainment! This is an adult street ball with a professional vibe.…

TeamUP! Training

TeamUP! has individual and team training opportunities available throughout the calendar year. Here are some of the various sessions available: Individual Training TeamUP offers individual training to improve skills on and off the court. Whether off-season training or doubling up on practicing…

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Youth Basketball League

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3×3 Tournament

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