Our Team Up offers to spend time in competitions not only with children. Adults can also compete on the court. For this purpose, we have a separate event twice a year for adult tournaments. 

TeamUp! Men’s Basketball League

Adult basketball has found its new home in TeamUP! 3s and 5s. 3×3 or 5×5 Adult Basketball Tournaments with Certified Referees, Announcer & DJ, and Live Entertainment! This is adult basketball with a professional vibe.  TeamUp! men’s basketball league is designed for corporate professionals to have fun while participating in team building/strengthening, friendly competition and establishing life-long camaraderie with co-workers. Promoting health and wellness in the workplace while providing funding for youth basketball within our community.

Create Your Own Teamup! Adult Basketball Team

Put together your best 3 or 5! Take on the top ballers in Central Florida to become the TeamUP Champion! Please visit our Events page to find out when the next 3×3 or 5×5 Adult Basketball Tournaments are taking place near you and Register Today! TeamUP is accepting donations and has open positions to sponsor our Youth Basketball League and other sponsored events. Interested in promoting your business while changing the lives of the children in your community?