TeamUP! Youth Basketball League

TeamUP Youth Basketball League is striving to be Central Florida’s premier Youth Basketball League for all athletes (ages 8-12) to improve their skills on and off the court. TeamUP offers various levels of training that are catered to each child’s skill set in order to achieve the highest level of results. With TeamUP’s proven systems, we successfully coach children with little knowledge of the game, as well as children that are ahead of their age group. Our focus at TeamUP is centered around the team and the love of the sport. TeamUP is a fully inclusive corporation that welcomes all athletes.

Thank you so much for your interest in TeamUP. We are accepting athletes ages 8-12 years old for our Youth Basketball League by April 1st. Register Today! There are only a limited number of positions available as TeamUP continues to grow to accommodate the need for FREE structured sports within our community.

TeamUP is accepting donations and have a limited number of open positions for sponsorship. Interested in promoting your business while changing the lives of the children in your community? Check out TeamUP! Gives and our Sponsors page for more opportunities.