We offer not only participation but also effective training for the upcoming basketball TeamUP! youth competition. TeamUP! has individual and team training opportunities available throughout the calendar year. Here are some of the various sessions available:

Individual Basketball TeamUp! Training

TeamUP offers individual training to improve skills on and off the court. Whether off-season training or doubling up on practicing during the season, TeamUP offers various levels of training that can be catered to any level of skill in order to achieve the highest level of results for each individual athlete. With TeamUP’s basketball-proven systems, we have successfully coached youth and adults with little knowledge of basketball, as well as athletes that have been playing for years. Our focus at TeamUP is centered around the team and the love of the sport.

Basketball Youth Clinics

TeamUP Clinics offer a wide variety of specialized group training sessions that focus on enhancing one particular muscle and/or basketball skill.

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TeamUP is a fully inclusive corporation that welcomes all athletes.