Welcome to TeamUp! a Florida Sports Basketball League

We are very excited to be starting our communities first FREE youth basketball league, TeamUP Florida Sports League! TeamUP FSL believes the benefits of structured sports should not be subject to the amount of money a parent has in their pocket on any given week. We believe the life skills of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and dedication should be learned and taught by everyone within our community. We have already had such an incredible response to this mission and look forward all the wonderful things we will do together.

TeamUP Florida Sports League empowers athletes of all levels and backgrounds to improve their skills on and off the court. TeamUP offers various levels of training that are catered to your child’s skill set in order to achieve the highest level of results. With TeamUP’s proven systems, we successfully coach athletes with little knowledge of the game, as well as those that have been playing for years. Our focus is centered around the team and the love for the sport. TeamUP is a fully inclusive corporation that welcomes all athletes.

TeamUP is dedicated to providing a quality basketball experience for our players and parents alike. We understand that sometimes youth sports are not always entertaining for everyone involved, but we love to cheer on and support our young aspiring athletes. TeamUP is poised to adjust that sentiment by providing a fun, engaging atmosphere for all! We are providing a DJ/Host for our tournaments, encouraging local youth musicians, dancers, and performers of all kinds to hone their craft throughout our events and providing additional entertainment for our spectators to enjoy themselves.

Our passionate, engaged staff and volunteers are eager to create an enthusiastic learning environment for all our athletes. TeamUP was founded with the purpose to provide business-sponsored youth leagues with quality tournaments for the youth within our community. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and healthy sporting atmosphere, while instilling life lessons of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and dedication. We encourage our student athletes to take those same learned traits and transfer them into their everyday lives, and to always lead by example.

TeamUP provides opportunities for all athletes with different skill levels to develop within a team setting, while focusing on self-confidence, awareness, team skills and individual skills. We love watching our athletes develop their own personal character through healthy competition. TeamUP offers and encourages Volunteering opportunities throughout our community. Gaining experience and understanding is not only acquiring the know-how to complete a particular task, but also realizing the confidence and determination to see a task/job to its end and to feel a sense of fulfillment in that completion. TeamUP strongly encourages guiding our student athletes to consider their options for the future and determine a Career path that best suits their expectations and desires.

Thank you so much for your interest in TeamUP. Check out TeamUP Youth Basketball League, Camps & Clinics, and Individual Training to find out when TeamUp Events are happening near you!


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